Want to build a solid Instagram presence
but don't know where to start?

Imagine a course that teaches...

Clear and straightforward advice for getting engagement on each of your posts

Simple secrets for styling attractive photos, even if you aren't a professional photographer

How to streamline your photo strategy so you're not scrambling to post last minute

Um..I was there too, girlfriend.

I'm Ruthie, and I quit Instagram.  (Thrice.)  I wasted hours crafting perfect photos + emotionally charged comments only to get 12 likes and a heart emoji.  And never mind hashtags - those things drove me batty because I never knew what to "hash"! 

 #mom?  #bloggersofIG?  #failureathashtags?

No wonder I never had time to write blog posts.  I wasted all of it on Instagram.

HOWEVER - I loved Instagram!  And so, I began studying the Ways Of Instagram and making sense of my presence there.  I listened to podcasts, watched You tube tutorials, and sat at the feet of IG thought leaders, quickly discovering the fun technology Instagram afforded.

I finally figured out my mojo, and before I knew it, people were asking me "how do you make those cute IG stories?" and, "Can you teach me to make my grid look pretty too?".

Running a successful Instagram
just got easier

Authenic Instagram Engagement is a self-paced Teachable course, designed to get you focused on your own strategy, target your ideal audience, and grow your fans organically and authentically!  


Authentic Instagram Engagement is for you if you:

  • Never know what to post
  • Lack an Instagram strategy
  • Are discouraged because only spammers follow you
  • Don't know how to post relevant videos
  • Wish for more focused content
  • Love Instagram but also hate Instagram
  • Feel like you're wasting your time
  • Tire of changing your link in bio
  • Feel unqualified because you're not a photographer
  • Can't schedule in advance or stay ahead of the game

Kick start your IG game 

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This program was created just for you...

If you're tired of wasting time without a focused strategy. I was there, too, but I figured out the key to organic, authentic, engaged traffic, and I can show you how!

Lacking patience? 5 ways to deal with stress better; how to go from temper-prone to temper-less and allow stress to be a patience developing tool.

What would it feel like to

  • Build an engaged audience
  • Receive daily interaction from IG stories
  • Grow an authentic tribe of followers who love your content
  • Get regular shout-outs from raving fans
  • Have an attractive grid and color combination
  • Post stories that engage and inspire your audience to action
  • Use the latest Instagram technology like a pro
  • Enjoy focused posting tactics (instead of dreading it)
  • Know your hashtag strategy
  • Post links in bio without last-minute scrambling
  • Schedule your feed from your desktop

It's all possible with

I just LOVE what Ruthie does with her Instagram! Her posts and stories are real and fun, and just look at her inviting homepage! 

Her use of video, stickers, and text-tools make for cleverly sweet posts.  I also appreciate her strategic use of those tools, and how she balances affiliate messages with glimpses into her personal life to develop that know/like/trust factor with her audience.  She's not glitzy or "5th Avenue"; she's a mom - just like me= who knows her stuff and generously shares that knowledge!

PAT FENNER // Blogger@Breakthrough Homeschooling

Authentic Instagram Engagement has inspired me to take another try at using IG for my business.

Ruthie's feed is well balanced and filled with a beautiful color scheme. She shares a healthy combination of personal pictures as well as artfully displayed graphics to attract her target audience. If you're ready to make IG work for you and your business, this course is the perfect place to start.

Sarah Ann  //  Blogger@FaithAlongTheWay

Here's why I do this:

  1. I know what it's like to stare at the screen and wonder what to post next
  2. I know what it's like to feel like I'm talking to air (and no one's listening, "liking", or commenting)
  3. I know what it's like to yearn for a beautiful, cohesive feed

And I also know what it's like to:

  1. Look forward to my next post
  2. Know my week of strategic content is scheduled and ready
  3. Grow a daily, authentic following (minus the weirdos)
  4. Have followers tag others in my targeted audience to follow me because they LOVE my content
  5. Actually have followers visiting my profile and clicking!

Now it's your turn!  If you want to :

  • Learn how to make IG stories engaging and fun
  • Be in the know for stickers, GIFS, and insider story secrets
  • know what (and when) to post every day
  • Get your posts seen (with more likes and comments)
  • Build an attractive, inviting feed
  • Get readers to click over to your profile
  • Build an authentically engaged tribe


  • Lifetime updates (as long as the course is offered)
  • Training worksheets
  • interactive Facebook community
  • BONUS Session:  Monetization and Reaching Out to Brands! 

7 Modules:

  1. Establishing authenticity 
  2. Developing an Instagram strategy 
  3. Crafting your brand
  4. Building lifetime fans
  5. Engaging followers
  6. Secrets to IG video
  7. Streamlining your processes


If, upon course completion, with proof of your completed workbook and verified attendance to all live trainings, you're not completely satisfied with your results, we guarantee a refund within 30 days of product purchase.

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