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It’s you against the kids. Every night the battle resumes. Somebody complains, a toddler flings a bowl across the floor, elbow fights break out mid-table, and before you know it, it's happened again.

You've lost your temper, your appetite, and your audience

(because they're running around like wild Indians).

You always dreamed of family mealtime. But somehow,

your reality is less than stellar. In fact, you wouldn't mind

skipping table time in favor of tv trays and a kid's show.

At least they'd be quiet, right?!

But that's not what you really want. You long to instill

a sense of community and shared appreciation 

for good food.

You want to enjoy dinner time again..

You want to build family memories 'round the table.

The question is, HOW can you make it happen?

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  75% off for the next 24 hours  (Just $5.00!)

The Table Strategy Difference

It's tough, you know?  Maintaining regular meal times and planning nutritious food is hard enough on it's own.  But the real problem isn't meal planning or the lack of desire... 

It's more of a behavioral issue....a lack of boundaries because goodness knows, mama is SO tired from cooking and wrangling kids and SO hungry from never getting more than a bite before someone spills the milk!

You need a system.  A dinnertime strategy.

Take a moment to think what that would look like.

What a table bonding strategy will do for you:

Dinnertime survival kit

  • Ease dinner stress
  • Save time with a method for calming the chaos
  • Train your children for teamwork
  • Instill a sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Craft communication skills for better table talk
  • Teach good manners
  • Make you more confident in your parenting skills
Teaching responsibility and communication, this kit will transform mealtime into a favorite part of the day. By these methods, dinnertime became a much-loved tradition in the Gray household!

And what mom doesn’t want to save time?

Our family table was a place of joy and connection. I actually looked forward to mealtime!

I won at dinner.

And you can too.

My Dinnertime Survival Kit contains the exact method I used to create family table bonding. It’s simple, pretty, and easily sticks to your ‘fridge (if you have a magnet).

Think of it – you are taking back dinner. You are The Dinner Captain.

In your hands, you hold the map. The strategy to resolving all the unwanted, unlovely, and simply excruciating details that make dinnertime so horrible.

The map? Is the Table Bonding Strategy. Master this, and you’ve won at dinner.

Just like me.

You see, a thriving meal time reflects consideration for others.  That is a concept that must be taught.

The grunt work is all done for you in the Dinnertime Survival Kit.

  • Scan the chore suggestion charts, the manners list, and the Picky Eater Checklist.
  • Install the beautiful iPhone screensaver as a reminder to “Be hospitable without complaining” for a fresh infusion of strength through Scripture.
  • Pray the Kitchen Scripture Prayers before you “go there”, and tap into a whole new preventative technique for keeping your temper.
  • Print out 10 lovely Tongue-Taming Scriptures and select a mantra for the evening.

The Dinnertime Survival Kit (regularly $30.00) is chock full of strategies for transforming your mama heart and gentle guidance for effective table manners!

Here's what  you'll get

Get a leg up with these tools at the ready!
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Just think – by dinnertime tomorrow, you’ll have your strategy in place and ready to go. Worth it? Oh yeah!

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