12 Keys to Convert Followers into Clients

Take the guesswork out of Instagram and market like a boss!

What would it feel like to: 

How to get real followers on Instagram

Know exactly how to write your bio to attract your ideal target follower (and what to leave out)?

Nail down your Instagram pillar content?

3 Instagram hacks to boost engagement

Possess scheduling processes to maintain consistency?

Achieve consistent audience growth?

Instagram Ads in 5 Easy Steps

Get clients in the DM?

Reels, IGTV, & Story Updates

Find the ideal hashtags to use (and use them with confidence)?

Best practices for writing killer captions

Learn what to share in stories to create connections in the dm?

Learn how to effectively use video and the different components offered on IG?

How to use hashtags on Instagram

Have access to cutting edge info on new IG developments?


Have a supportive community resulting in collaborations, broader Instagram™ reach, feedback from members who help you share your content and get more eyes on your account?

Pretty sweet, right?

Ruthie Gray

I used to be completely at a loss on Instagram.  I didn’t know how to use hashtags, didn’t understand why no one liked my posts, didn’t see the point in comments, and frankly, I quit the platform THREE TIMES before succeeding!

Instagram isn’t like any other social media platform.

It has a strategy all it’s own, and frankly, that changes all the time.  But what if you could make it work for your business?

What if, instead of being frustrated every time you clicked on the app, you felt exhilarated because of people flooding your inbox?  

What if comments started rolling in and people watched your videos and WANTED MORE?  

What if you had a strategy unique to your own brand and clients began asking you about your book or product?

That would feel pretty amazing, right?

That’s what I have now.  

And?  I want to teach my formula to you. 

If you’re saying “YES!” to all of this right now, just think how you would feel if in just twelve weeks you learned the steps to put all these amazing concepts to work for you?  


In this 12-Week Intensive you’ll


Craft an IG bio attracting your ideal client (it's not just including the right things; it's also knowing what to leave out!)


Nail down your content buckets (and fill them well!)


Learn the RIGHT way to schedule your content (that most marketers aren't utilizing)


Implement the absolutely essential hashtag system I've created (you'll get it as a BONUS today!)


Turn stories into a lead generating machine


Stay on top of IG changes as they happen with my cutting edge updates

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, here’s the kicker - it’s not even the most valuable part:

I’m going to show you how to:

Grow your content with incredibly valuable feedback - not just from me,

but from an engaged community of Instagram users 

to grow your support so that you have a

built-in launch community

when you’re ready to create your next offer, 

and all of this means more money in your pocket in the long-run.

Inside Ruthie's program, she provides exactly what I was looking for - opportunity for community!


I've learned so much about how to build community on Instagram and also how to be strategic instead of wasting time or letting it be a time suck.  

I learned how to balance the fun part of "social" media and enjoy it, while also doing what I love best - practicing productivity on the platform! 

Christa Hutchins Podcaster, Founder of the Move Forward Mentorship

I learned how to effectively attract my target client through my bio and it's working!  But what I didn't expect was the community aspect.

These connections  overflow to others who need my services as a podcast coach!  

Wren RobbinsPodcaster

Sarah Frazer

I've really enjoyed this group of women! Ruthie did a great job of fostering community. I've also grown by almost 100 followers in the last quarter!

Sarah Frazer- Author

Jamie Bailey secured a book deal on Instagram

Ruthie's training provides way more than just Instagram how-to's. I've made genuine friendships and gained support and insight through our close knit community. When Ruthie helps one of us, she helps us all!

Jamie Bailey- Marriage Coach


For those of us who feel behind the technology curve, Ruthie is especially helpful. With every bit of Ruthie’s advice and instruction, I knew I was being talked by a friend, motivated by an expert and encouraged by a leader. 

Brenda McDearmonblogger

Let's start working together for only $597.00.

Plus, you’ll get my Hashtag Formula Toolkit right now for free including a checklist and printable spreadsheet for putting these systems into process.

*Limited spots available.  Must be a U.S. Citizen

12 Powerhouse Trainings

I know your time is valuable and you don’t have hours to spend on this program so we’re going to break it down in

power-packed, information-loaded 15-minute snapshots that will teach you everything you need to

go from overwhelm to money-making potential.

There’s so much more I could tell you about the Intensive, but for now, just know that come April 5, you are going on a ride you’ve NEVER taken to a land FULL of promise!

If you’re ready to harness the platform and stop feeling like you’re wasting your time, if you have a working knowledge of Instagram but you can’t grow your following, and if you’re ready to learn elevated tactics to take your Instagram from “floory to glory”, then this Intensive is for you!

Jamie Bailey secured a book deal on Instagram

In Ruthie's community I:

✅Found my right hashtags

✅Found a non stressful, concrete content scheduling plan

✅ Learned patience in finding MY people

✅ Found amazing friends and support systems

✅ Found out how to make good stories

✅Learned how to share myself and my behind the scenes

✅ Created targeted hashtags that secured a published book deal!

Jamie Bailey - Marriage Coach

If you are looking for guidance to build an engaged community on Instagram, Ruthie Gray is your gal! From high-level strategy to planning product launches, Ruthie's insight has been a blessing to our business.

If you are ready to serve your people on Instagram, we highly recommend you hire Ruthie to coach you!

Carlie Kerchival - Author and Marriage blogger

Ruthie KNOWS all things Instagram and teaches it in an orderly way that is easy to understand even for the newest IG users.

If you want to grow a business using IG, start here. Even after a few short weeks under Ruthie's teaching, I am seeing interest in my MLM business from Instagram.

Cathy Lawdanski - Rodan & Fields Rep

Let's start working together.

Right now through March 31, you can join

the Insiders Intensive for $597 instead of its regular price of $797!

Plus, you’ll get my Hashtag Formula Toolkit training for free including a workbook and printable spreadsheet for putting these systems into process.  ($150.00 Value)

Click the button below to reserve your spot.

{Please do not purchase unless you can commit to group participation for this 12-week time period.  Members who do the work gain not only proven strategies, but a solid support system.  No refunds, all sales final. Must be U.S. Citizen.}

Get instant access to your

free Hashtag Formula Toolkit


The year was 2020 and we all know how that was, but through Ruthie's group, I had the support of a like-minded community, which generated collaborations I didn't expect! 

I learned that I did not need a lot of followers to have a great following. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and attempt new things - like Reels. I learned from others as Ruthie helped us refine our IG skills.  I learned IG was not all about me, but about serving and giving. Being in Ruthie's community was much more than learning about IG.

Michele Bowman blogger

Ruthie's content planning strategy enabled me to create 5 weeks of content in one setting! That removed the nagging question of 'what to post', freed up my time and lifted a huge


No more guesswork, just strategies that work and make a difference.


Marva Smith Blogger

By implementing Ruthie’s suggestions over the last 3 months, I’ve been able to double my profile views, increase my followers, and up my engagement on my stories and posts!

Ruthie helped me gain clarity about my Instagram purpose and who to connect with.

Elizabeth Ours - Plexus Dealer

We've have gotten to know each other well through engaging and sharing  each other's posts, and to me that has been a It's a comprehensive and purposeful group without being overwhelming and that to me has been a highlight.  

The support has grown even outside of the group itself. 

Belinda Letchford - Family Coach

Pat Fenner

On Navigating the IG platform:

Discovered options for feed posts  

How to set up highlights and how to decide what to put in them

Stories - how to craft them, and then how to be creative with them 

On Networking:  

I found like-hearted colleagues in different fields, and we explored ways to serve "our people" thru collaborations

Hotseat and feedback days enabled me to get feedback with different points of view and ideas on my specific questions 

Support and promotion ideas - Our team banded together on more than one occasion serving as a supplemental launch team for each other

I found encouragement and accountability to step out of my comfort zone!

Get onboard! Join the community today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

How does forever sound?  Once you purchase, the course is yours to keep.

What if I don't have time for a 3-Month commitment?

This course plus community will be an integral part of your success on the Instagram platform.  If you feel you can't commit the time or contribute to community, I suggest you wait.

What modes of training will be used?

There will be a course platform, community area, Zoom gatherings, hotseat evaluations, video trainings, Instagram pods, and more!

What if I can't be live on the Zoom calls?

These will be taped for easy access and review at your convenience and your pre-submitted hotseat question answered!  

How familiar do I need to be with Instagram?

This is not a beginner course.  You should already be active on the platform and have a working knowledge of Instagram with the intent towards converting followers into clients or superfans for your eventual book, product, or blog. You should have an audience of at least 100 and be active on the platform.

This is not an introductory level course (although we do offer one), but a training on deeper Instagram strategies.

"Will I have to buy anything else to do your system?

Nope!  Everything you need to build your strategy and make the platform work is included in the price.  (But hurry - sale ends on Cyber Monday, November 30)!

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