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Count to 9, Nine Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger


Are you tired of losing the battle with your inner “momster”?  Are you ready to gain ground and become the graceful mother your kids will remember? Count to Nine is a practical approach for taming the temper, based on a tested group of young mothers.  Moms are finding victory, new hope, and support through this encouraging method of actionable Scripture verses and Scripture prayers.  This ebook is available and on sale now–grab your copy today!



As your gift with purchase, you will receive a beautiful, printable journal, complete with Scripture cards and thankful cards!


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About Ruthie:

I know what it's like to struggle with anger. As a mom of four and Gigi of two, I've been in your shoes. This is a plan to get you started in the right direction. Won't you join me?

Hey there, mom!  I’m Ruthie Gray, blogger at Ruthie Gray.Mom.  I know what it’s like to struggle with anger. As a mom of four and Gigi of two, I’ve been in your shoes. Count to Nine equips moms to take control of the temper by zeroing in on a plan of attack, Scripture prayers, and action verses.  Dear mom, are you ready to be set free from the chains of anger? This book will point you to the Source and show you how to tap into His strength to become the mom you’ve always desired to be!

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Dianne Sweeter than Honey

“Count to Nine is about change. Lasting change starts in the heart. Easy? No. It takes hard work. With Ruthie’s plan of actionable steps, based on power-packed Scriptures and practical prayer prompts, you, too, can become a mom whose heart is free and slow to anger.”

~Dianne from

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“I’m so thankful that Ruthie has used her personal struggle with anger to compile a practical plan all of us can use to understand, address and manage mommy anger.  Count to Nine: Nine Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger is packed full of biblical exhortation, heartfelt hope and simple action plans that will set you up to successfully tackle and tame your temper. If you’re ready to stop wishing you wouldn’t blow up and start developing new habits, this is the resource you’ve been waiting for!”    ~Abi from

Valerie headshot

“Do you feel like it’s impossible to change and manage mom-anger?  Count to Nine gave me hope and the practical tools I needed to implement change.  Weary moms will learn how God provides the strength and ability to obey Him in our reactions to frustrating circumstances.”  ~Valerie from



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“Ever have one of “those days”? Well how ’bout when you have a string ofPat-headshot-resized them?  And how ’bout when it feels like they just keep on coming??!  That’s how I was as a young mother, and apparently, Ruthie was too.  The difference between us, however, is that she has taken the time to so generously share the lessons she’s learned from the Word and life about her anger and, more importantly, the God Who created her, Who has the tools to deal with that anger!  It’s in here.  This book is neither fluffy, nor so intense that a harried young mother couldn’t get through it and find the help she needs.  So…go ahead and count to nine, but only after you get (and start using!) this book!”  ~Pat from

About Me Final Jan 2016 copy 1 Profile“In Count to Nine, Ruthie uses Scripture, humor, and her real life experiences to encourage each of us to become the best mom we can be. It’s the perfect way to inspire – through God’s Word and a little laughter! But what I love the most is that each chapter has a Bible verse, a plan of attack, and questions to reflect on in prayer. That’s what I need to help me live a life of joy: a prayer and a plan. This book is the perfect support and encouragement in your journey to tame your temper – all it needs is you, ready to grow and change!”  ~Jessica from (designer of the COUNT TO NINE printable journal)

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