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4 Power-Packed Tools for Moms

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The Mommy Makeover Bundle is a collection of 3 ebooks designed to get you off the guilt wagon, target trigger areas, and deliver actionable results!  Plus BONUS Tongue-Taming Scripture Pack (for mama mouth gone south)!


Stepping Stones for moms; 8 truths for the mom who thinks she's failing at motherhood

You yelled too much, you didn't listen enough, you left the laundry on the line in the rain, for heavens sakes.  But God doesn't view it that way.  Your shortcomings?  They're stepping stones.  And this book shows you how.  

Straight from Mark 14 and the lives of some very messy disciples, you'll find refreshment and courage to rise to the challenge!

Stepping stones for moms

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Kick start your attitude 

The 5 Day Kick start Mommy Anger Makeover
Start on Monday, end on Friday

Print out the Action Guide for each day of the week (downloads included with ebook)

Work through the Introduction, Scripture Pillar, POWER-PACKED Pillar prayer, and the Plan of Attack.

“Heart Action” end-of-day response

mommy anger makeover

 75% off - just $7.50!

Target your triggers

Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger

In those high pressure moments when you’re ready to blow your top and take everyone out, what if instead, you didn’t?  What if you tapped into God’s presence and claimed His power for the moment?  

This book will set you on the path to winning that battle.

welcome mama count to nine

BONUS Tongue Taming Scripture Pack

welcome mama tongue taming scripture pack

This bundle of four products valued at over $30.00 and only offered to new subscribers, is yours for $7.50 for the next 24 hours!

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  • Stepping Stones for mom; 8 Mindsets for the mom who thinks she's failing at motherhood eBook (valued at $5.99)
  • 5 day Mommy Anger Makeover Kit ebook (with downloads, valued at $15.00)
  • Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger eBook with Bonus Journal ($9.99)
Plus BONUS Tongue-Taming Scripture Pack! (Including 10 beautifully crafted Scripture cards targeting the tongue with accompanying mantras!)
Get a leg up with these tools at the ready!
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